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Rick Salgado

Rick Salgado began his working career at age twelve busing tables at a local restaurant. Between work, school, and sports Rick decided to take on part-time work at a car dealership. Originally hired to detail cars, he quickly found his skills carried over to helping customers searching the lots. He had such a knack for it, he began selling the cars himself that very year, outperforming his co-workers with three times his experience level. He was the youngest sales professional ever hired at the dealership.

After serving 5 years in the car business, Rick continued on sharpening his skills in business development with multiple entities, continually exceeding goals.

Rick began his partnership with Dillon M&A, the parent company of Elevarity, in 2013 as Owner and CEO of Blast It Clean. Early on, he recognized foundational issues in administration, sales, and operations. He started changing key components and implementing new processes, including Elvarity Leadership Development, to make the company profitable after years in the red.

Rick is the mastermind behind the Elevarity curriculum. After using it internally for the businesses of Dillon M&A for several years, he and his partners decided to share it with the public in 2021, so others could realize the success Dillon M&A repeatedly achieved.

During Rick’s downtime he and his wife have four beautiful young daughters. He loves to exercise, admire Patrick Mahomes, and serve others with his uncanny gift of connection. He can be spotted by his trendy fashion, serving as a barista at Grace Church on the weekends.

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