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Elevate + Clarity = Elvarity

Elevate your perspective and gain clarity in your professional and personal relationships:

  • Genuine communication
  • Intentional relationships
  • Leadership development

What We Do

Elvarity provides people-specific training to enhance individuals and teams.

We share concepts and tools that can help you identify your goals, highlighting your needs and clarifying your path to get there.  We introduce ways to revolutionize and optimize communication, increasing your ability to seek out and obtain the outcomes you desire.  Once implemented in daily and professional life, the knowledge and skills our program imparts enable individuals and teams to elevate their capacity to accomplish their aspirations. Participants in our program see improvements in professional and personal relationships, a heightened ability to collaborate, and increased motivation to strive for bigger goals and more.

85% agreed that Elvarity improved their professional relationships.

80% agreed that Elvarity gave them tools to achieve the life they want.

79% agreed that Elvarity improved their ability to do their job.

66% apply tools and concepts from Elvarity regularly.

62% agreed that Elvarity motivated them to pursue bigger goals.

What We Teach

Know Your Behavioral Style

Understand yourself and your natural tendencies.

Know Others' Behavioral Style

Understand why others act and react the way they do.


Identify others’ state of mind before reacting.


Gain clarity and appreciation for who you are and what you have to offer.


Define and refine your “why.”


Create a plan for accomplishing your mission.

Priority Management

Systematically put first things first in your life.

Games People Play

Recognize the game and choose the outcome.

Elements of Communication

Use all your communication tools, not just words.

Active Listening

Gain listening skills beyond your full attention.

Discovery Process

Undercover the truths and feelings of others.


Hold yourself accountable for your desired life.

Money Emotions

Money is trade. Put your emotions about money back in their place.

How We Teach It

Multiple delivery methods to fit all the diverse needs of professionals today. We work with you and your team to create what makes the most sense for YOU!

Who We Are

We are group of people who have come together to share something we are passionate about. We are unique in our experiences, backgrounds, skills and interests, but we all believe that the concepts taught in Elvarity can positively change personal and professional lives.


Come and get to know us a little better.

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