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Elevate + Clarity = Elvarity

Unlock Leadership Potential:

Elevate your key municipal employees to the next level with Elvarity’s leadership workshop series. Designed to cultivate leadership skills, our program is the key to shaping the future leaders of your city.

What We Do

Strategic Leadership Development:

Elvarity’s workshops provide practical strategies for effective leadership within a municipal setting. From communication skills to decision-making, participants gain the tools needed to excel in supervisory roles.

Team Cohesion and Collaboration:

Foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration among municipal employees. Our workshops emphasize the importance of cohesive teams for efficient city governance.

Adaptability for Municipal Challenges:

Equip your staff with the skills to navigate the unique challenges faced by municipal governments. Elvarity’s program ensures that participants are prepared for the dynamic nature of public service.

85% agreed that Elvarity improved their professional relationships.

80% agreed that Elvarity gave them tools to achieve what they want.

79% agreed that Elvarity improved their ability to do their job.

66% apply tools and concepts from Elvarity regularly.

62% agreed that Elvarity motivated them to pursue bigger goals.

What We Teach Municipal Employees

Know Your Behavioral Style

Understand yourself and your natural tendencies.

Know Others' Behavioral Style

Understand why others act and react the way they do.


Identify others’ state of mind before reacting.


Gain clarity and appreciation for who you are and what you have to offer.


Define and refine your “why.”


Create a plan for accomplishing your mission.

Priority Management

Systematically put first things first in your work and personal life.

Games People Play

Recognize the game and choose the outcome.

Elements of Communication

Use all your communication tools, not just words.

Active Listening

Gain listening skills beyond your full attention.

Discovery Process

Undercover the truths and feelings of others


Hold yourself accountable for your desired life.

Customized Delivery

Tailor Elvarity’s program to align with the specific goals and priorities of your city government. We offer customizable solutions to address the unique needs of your municipal workforce.

Who We Are

We are group of people who have come together to share something we are passionate about. We are unique in our experiences, backgrounds, skills and interests, but we all believe that the concepts taught in Elvarity can positively change personal and professional lives.


Come and get to know us a little better.

Ready to Invest in Your City's Future?

Contact us to discuss how Elvarity can empower your municipal employees and contribute to the success of your city government.

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