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Drew Siebert

Drew Siebert began his career in technical sales, using his engineering degree in unique ways. While working toward a master’s degree in business, entrepreneurship’s relentless calls led Drew to purchase an acoustical consulting firm in the architecture and engineering space. At the end of 2020, he sold the business after successfully restoring and rebuilding it.

Thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the mergers and acquisitions process and industry, Drew turned his sights to helping other businesses transition to partial or full ownership to accomplish optimum outcomes. Initially, Drew began training with Elevarity to fully optimize his own capabilities, and after seeing his own success, he knew that it was imperative to the success of the businesses he wanted to help. He is now an Elevarity partner and trainer, changing people’s lives personally and professionally every day.

Besides M&A, Drew is an avid investor in real estate, financial markets, his family, and church. He and his family live on and maintain a chicken and goat farm outside of Kansas City and can be frequently seen at the soccer field. As a lifelong learner, Drew can be found studying investing, personal finance, tax strategy, and business strategy just for fun.

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