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Rick Dillion

Rick Dillon’s forty year career began in the family’s manufacturing business at age fifteen. Since then, he has owned and operated businesses in over fifteen industries (3 acquisitions, twelve+ start-ups). One of Rick’s most insightful experiences was the start up, development, and sale of a nineteen-office international investment banking firm.

Since 1985, Rick has been dedicated to using his expertise to help business owners achieve their goals through merger, alliance, acquisition, divestiture, and business operational improvements of their privately held businesses.

Rick is the founder and principal of Good Samaritan Response, a prison ministry helping convicts obtain jobs within companies that would mentor ex-convicts using Elevarity to re-enter society., Rick is co-author of The Business Sale: An Owner’s Most Perilous Expedition, and a seminar series The Magic of M&A Math. Rick enjoys spending time with his family at the lake, as well as basketball and snow sports. Rick’s most fulfilling life experience is his contribution to the creation and implementation of a conflict resolution system now successfully being used within the ELCA Lutheran Church. It is through these experiences that Rick saw the gap in personal and professional leadership training and teamed up with his partners to develop Elevarity.

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